Introducing My CPR: Learning CPR at Home

“It helps parents of young children, who know safety is important and who are looking for fun training on their own time.”

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Imagine, you’re at the family gathering – birthday perhaps, the place is hopping and even Granny is up dancing. Suddenly she drops to the floor, clutching her chest and slowly going blue. What do you do? (Answer)

You’re at the same gathering and your baby – recently started on solids – starts to choke and cough. Your turn to look and see a bowel of peanuts there. Uncle says you have to turn him over and shake him; Grandad thinks you should slap baby. What do you think? (Free book)

The thing is, you aren’t the only one who isn’t sure. We’ve taught thousands of people since we started and everyone has questions. That’s great, asking questions is a good way to learn.

  • You already know what a good idea it is to learn CPR.
  • You know that accidents happen and that CPR saves lives.
  • You might even have heard the statistic that 80% of people do CPR on family or friends.
  • You have young kids and a family, you know their safety is important and you worry…

So you want to learn CPR at home?

My CPR is for you if classes just don’t work

One student recently said, “The course was great, and it didn’t feel like I’d been there forever. You know; it didn’t drag.”

Either through previous class experience, or from other people, you know that CPR is easy to learn. It won’t take much of your time and the cost is reasonable ($50 per person for My CPR). Yet somehow, you still haven’t got round to it.

  • It’s not that you don’t want to – of course you’d like to be able to save someone’s life
  • It’s not that it’s too difficult – if kids can learn, you sure can
  • It’s not even that it’s too expensive – for the price of an evening out, you can learn to save a child’s/spouse’s/grandparent’s life
  • You know safety is important, especially with kids around
  • You know you need to be prepared – accidents happen

It’s just that, well, life gets in the way; classes are never convenient and time just goes into other things that seem more important right now. If you have been to class, it probably wasn’t fun and didn’t really fit your learning needs or your schedule… and now you have kids too.

My CPR gets past all of that, bringing the training to you, in your own space, in your own time.

The thing is, even though other things seem more important right now, if you ever need life-saving skills then nothing, absolutely nothing will seem more important to you right in your moment of need.

So quit browsing, close the Facebook window for a minute and book your course now.

Chain of Survival

My CPR course content

“Your course was interesting. We actually did stuff instead of just reading the book like on the last one.”

So you want CPR training, but you want fun! The My CPR classes deliver just that. Imagine a fun course that suits your learning needs exactly. Trainers travel to wherever you are – home, work, school…. They offer the training when you want it, not just at ‘the best time’ for a full class. The price is right. You can even have the kids around if you can’t find a sitter. Now what exactly will you learn when the trainer is there?

You’ll learn the single most important thing you can do to save a life.

That should be enough for you to want to book a course now, but there’s more. You’ll get the full Canadian Red Cross CPR & AED ‘Level A’ training.

  • Adult CPR
  • Dealing with choking adults
  • Using a defibrillator
  • Heart Attack – signs, symptoms and treatment
  • Stroke – signs, symptoms and treatment

It’s Red Cross CPR: The training is certified by the Canadian Red Cross and all instructors have been trained to Canadian Red Cross standards. The certification is good for three years.

Plus you’ll get lots more:CPR-AED-book

  • FREE Information booklet for you to keep and refer to
  • Extra training – Choking and CPR for children – included FREE
  • Extra training – Choking and CPR for babies – that’s FREE too

The regular ‘Level A’ training covers adults, but we think that isn’t enough for most families. So we add in the children and baby training at no extra cost. There’s no extra certification, we just know it’s a good thing for you to have.

So, that’s what you can expect when you book a course and we turn up on your doorstep. But we called it My CPR for a reason – it really is about what you need. If you have other first aid questions (within reason) we’ll answer them for you as well. Some questions are quite common, and we’ve created a free book for you to answer some of these.

Car trunk full of CPR training equipment

On our way to your place

So why book now?

  • You get the full CPR A course and more, fully certified by a trusted organization.
  • Trainers come to you – at home, at work, or anywhere because we know you can’t always travel.
  • Classes are fun and interesting – and you’re in charge. It really is about what you want!
  • It’s designed to fit your schedule, because we know you’re busy and course times don’t always work.
  • Yes, your kids can hang out. Yes, we’ll wait 5 minutes while you give them a feed. Yes, you can go and change them quickly…. Yes! YES! Whatever makes it work for you.

Convinced yet? Try us – you’ll see how it works out.


We’re based in Squamish, so excessive travel would need negotiating, but if you’re in Squamish, Whistler, North or West Van, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or beyond, then we’ve got you covered.

Who can attend?

You choose – you, and your family, friends, neighbours, work-mates, etc. The course needs a minimum of 4 people to enable effective training, practice and group work. Each course should not have more than 12 participants, but can be broken in to two smaller courses if needed.

Don’t Forget:

Don’t forget to book your course! Now that you’ve read all the way down here it would be a shame to forget why you came to our site. As you’ve read all this way, why not check out the free eBook – the 10 commonest questions not answered in class, and it’s companion guide to dealing with choking.

My CPR is brought to you by Sea 2 Sky Safety Training Services – a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner.


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